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Home Inspections & Real Estate Investments!

The home inspection is a great way for real estate agents to add value to their services and improve clients' selling and buying processes. Here's a quick guide to home inspections for all my real estate friends out there!

1. Recommend The Right Inspector - It's important to establish the quality and trustworthiness of any home inspector you recommend. Review your inspectors, have their experiences and certifications in mind and communicate these best with your buyers and sellers for transparency and thoroughness.

2. Attend The Inspection - We, as home inspectors, always recommend the real estate agent and the seller/buyer who is hosting the home inspection be physically present during the inspection. It's helpful for the clients, the real estate agents and the home inspectors to showcase their commitment and dedication toward the property and the purchase.

3. Go Through The Inspection Report - Once we provide our thorough, precise, and detailed home inspection report, we never fail to ensure that the report is being understood by the real estate agent and our client. If something is upsetting with the property, we help our customers understand the home inspection report thoroughly.

4. Find A Qualified Home Inspector Through Our Network - We are always serving our customers, but if you find us entirely booked over the period you want us to, we can help you arrange the best home inspectors for your home. Our years of experience in the home inspection industry have made us one of the prominent home inspectors in our county, so if you need a home inspection done, we'll work our way out to help you in the best way possible.